Update your home with ethical décor using these tips

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Update your home with ethical décor using these tips

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(NC) Today, many of us are much more conscious about how our actions and purchases impact the world around us. If you want to give your home a refresh but are worried about affecting people and the planet, check out these useful tips and guidelines.

Do your research. It’s important to know where your items are coming from to understand if products are made ethically and sustainably. Look into your favourite brands and stores to see if they have any green policies and how they treat their employees. Another idea is to check out and contact local artisans who actually make the goods themselves. That way you know exactly who’s making an item and that it didn’t have to travel very far to reach you.

See the big picture. Consider the whole lifecycle of an item and how it will function once it’s in your home. For example, a vintage table may not be made from reclaimed wood or come from a sustainable forest, but by buying something previously used you’re reducing waste. Similarly, things that help you lower your total energy consumption, like a sleek low-flow showerhead or setting up an urban garden in your backyard or balcony, may have a bigger impact than you think.

Read the labels. Look for items that are certified, accredited as fair trade, or made from natural and environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. When it comes to warm duvets and fluffy throw pillows, down is the most sustainable choice. This eco-friendly material has the lowest carbon footprint of all insulating materials, and all by-products from down processing are biodegradable, unlike polyester, where this is not the case.  Look for the Downmark label that certifies the product adheres to strict quality standards and ethical harvesting practices. Find more information at downmark.org.


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